Geek Crafts: Comic Book Roses

Wonder Woman Rose Hair Comb

Wonder Woman Rose Hair Comb

As TFM’s resident crafter, I’m always on the hunt for new projects (and usually in the middle of several at any given time). I am also a sucker for any sort of geek, nerd, or tech-themed crafts, so I was thrilled when I found another great use for old comics that (shockingly) did not involve Modge-Podge.  Add to this, the fact that it was easily modifiable into a wearable art and I was sold!

Make sure you come back, but take a moment to check out Ellinee’s tutorial “How to make paper roses.”

The tutorial on Ellinee’s blog is super easy to follow, has clear step-by-step instructions with pictures, and even includes a free downloadable, printable pattern. I was shocked that my first rose came together so quickly (printing and cutting took the longest) and turned out beautifully.


8 pattern pieces to create a realistic rose

8 pattern pieces to create a realistic rose

I printed the template onto medium cardstock and now have a reusable template for my comic roses. For my first try, I used a (Free Comic Book Day) Wonder Woman comic and carefully traced the pattern onto the pages. Once assembled, I glued the rose to a hair comb and now have a great accessory to wear.

I made another the next day with scraps from various comics and a third by printing the pattern directly onto a black and white 8.5 x 11 comic page. The black and white version was quite striking and I’m toying with the idea of dip-dying the petal edges before curling and assembling them next time around.

With such a beautiful result and minimal effort, I am excited to keep experimenting to see what I can come up with. A few other ideas I am throwing around are: using sheet music or book pages, gluing the roses to headbands, shrinking the pattern to make smaller rosettes, or just creating a bouquet or floral arrangements of all comic flowers (side note, Green Lantern comics make great leaves!).


Black and White Rose

The possibilities for this craft are endless. Thanks Ellinee for another way to spend my time and use up the scrap comics from my other projects!

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  1. Sleeplady

    can you send me the template please, I am making some comic book roses for my wedding bouquet and love the way yours turned out

    1. Danielle

      Sleeplady, the template for these roses can be found at the bottom of Elli’s post ( http://www.elli.com/blog/freebie-friday-diy-paper-rose-templates/). I’d love to see how your bouquets turn out! Happy crafting!

  2. Lisa

    I heard from another website that one rose took an hour and took a whole comic book to make. Was this true for you?

    1. Danielle

      Cutting out the pattern was definitely the longest part of the process, but after the first one was made, they take me only about thirty minutes. Actual assembly is only about five to ten minutes worth. As far as pages, these templates fit on an 8.5 x11 sheet of paper, so they take minimal comic pages…assuming you have good panels to use.

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