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Happy Monday! I know, it sucks, but I promise you this week will get better. We are now in the Second Week of December, and Christmas is quickly approaching. If you haven’t started shopping, then I suggest you at very least start thinking about it. But for everyone else, here’s a list of things I think you should care about.

Remember that movie Jumanji? The one with Robin Williams? Remember in that one episode of the Simpsons where Lisa, Bart and Homer were trapped by Rhinos on top of the car and Homer yelled “Jumanji” to make it stop? Well after all this time, it’s finally getting a remake. Check out more info here. Via Geeks are Sexy

Wanna support your favorite Archer? No APdesturctor1, not Katniss. Support Hawkeye, as he takes over the world here on Tumblr. A literal overnight sensation.

I mentioned that Christmas is almost here, and the perfect gift needs the perfect wrapping paper, even if you are a geek. Via Popsugar size-thumbnail wp-image-11233″ />

Ever wonder what happened to that one epic storyline in a comic, you might have stopped reading for a min, but you feel like you have missed the entire world. Well CBR knows exactly how you feel, and have put together a list of forgotten story-lines that will help you remember and hopefully give you some insight. Via Comic Book Resources

The Dark Knight Rises has been released on Blu-Ray and DVD. But save sometime, and watch the Honest trailer below. It will help you understand the movie, or save you 2 hours from not watching it. Your call.

And finally I am happy to bring to you the new Star Trek Into Dark Japanese trailer. It’s so awesome looking I’m wondering how it could go wrong? Oh right the super awesome flips, and fights.. Federation Kun Do????… Really? Meh, still looks good.

End Transmission….

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