The Beatles in Comics

Over at PopCandy, they preview a book entitled The Beatles in Comic Strips where it profiles the Fab Four in Comics and shows most if not every iteration of their Comic Book foray. Personally I think it would be awesome if they had a crime fighting Comic of the Beatles. John would have psychedelic tranportation abilities, Paul would be able to make people fall in love, George would use his magical sitar and control your conscience and Ringo would bring about his pet Octopus. What other bands would you see in Comics? Kiss? The Who?

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I once wanted to be a rock drummer saving princesses in space while eating pizza everyday and samurai sword slicing baddies as my hobby whilst directing the new art house masterpiece. At least that can be on my tombstone. For now I play video games, root cell phones, write semi-legibly, watch a lot of things I shouldn't and try not to say something too embarrassing with a beer in my hand.

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